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Waheed ur Rehman: Life in BUPT

My name is Waheed ur Rehman and I have done my Ph.D. from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication in 2015.

I am one of many Pakistani students at BUPT who feel blessed to be the part of such an innovative and prestigious institution.

The rich experience I have here in BUPT, contributed immensely towards my social and academic learning. The University teaches me the value of hard work, patience, team work, and consistency.

I still remember September 2011, when I first entered the BUPT campus knowing no body, looking for the international office. And at the time of graduation, I cherished my happy moments with plenty of my friends, both Chinese and Foreigners. Academically, I have learnt so many things. The guidance and consistent patience of my respectable supervisor Prof. Tao Xiaofeng made it possible for me to be the author and co-author of 15 research publications, and thus giving me an opportunity to learn the art and science of academic writing.

The Ph.D. experience always have good and bad days. It is very important to have a support of the people around you. A friendly and cooperative international office also makes a big difference. As far as the support and help concerns, they always exceeded my expectations. This is very distinguishing as compared to other higher education institution in Beijing. The international office made us feel like home away from home. Furthermore, the short and long tours arranged by the international office helped me better understand Chinese culture and its history.

Overall, my Ph.D. journey was very exciting, having lots of stories and experiences which will be told for many years to come. I want others to have that experience and explore the undiscovered world and have their own exciting stories.

About the author: Dr. Waheed ur Rehman did his Masters degree from University of Westminster, London, UK. He is currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science, University of Peshawar, Pakistan.