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Security and safety

In order to provide a good learning and living environment, ensure personal and property security of foreign students, maintain honor and unity of BUPT, please observe the following safety rules:

1. Foreign students must abide by the Constitution of the Republic Of China; may not endanger the state security of China; shall not engage in activities incompatible with their status; must not harm the public interests or disrupt public order.

2. Foreign students should abide by the Chinese laws, regulations, rules, and the rules of BUPT; violation of the Chinese law including criminal and security cases will be investigated and punished by the Chinese judicial authorities and police; violation of the school rules shall be processed and punished by the school in accordance with relevant provisions for processing.

3. Foreign students should not get involved in alcoholism, assault, gamble, drug abuse, disseminating, copying, selling illegal publications and audio-visual products and other violations of law; shall not participate in illegal pyramid schemes; shall not engage in or participate in activities which spoil the image of the school and activities prejudicial to public morality .

4. Foreign students should consciously observe study discipline, attend class on time; should not be late, go out of class early, cut classes; should apply for a leave before going out.

5. We respect foreign students’ national customs and religious beliefs, but do not provide places for religious rites. Missionary and religious meeting are prohibited on campus.

6. We encourage and support foreign students to carry out activities promoting physical and mental health, such as sports, scientific, artistic, cultural activities and so on. Students taking part in extracurricular activities shall not affect the normal teaching order and the order of campus life.

7. Foreign students holding large rallies, marches, demonstrations and other activities should observe China’s law and relevant regulations, otherwise our school shall discourage or stop it.

8. Non-licensed motorcycles and electrombiles are forbidden on the campus. When driving a licensed motor vehicle on campus, please park the vehicle at proper places, slow down and ensure safety.

9. In case of fire, public-order and criminal cases and traffic accidents in the school, call the BUPT emergency number.

10. Foreign students studying on campus are not allowed to work, go into businesses or engage in any business activities. But they can participate in work-study activities in accordance with school rules.


Safety Tips

The security situation in Beijing is very good. You are relatively safe if you live and study in Beijing. But we suggest that you can’t take it lightly.

First of all, keep an eye on your passport and valuable things. Don’t usually bring your passport and a lot of money with you. As long as you take along your student ID card and a copy of your passport, you could prove your identity in school and in Beijing. Keep valuables in your room and lock the door and windows. Turn off the water and electricity switch before going out.

While you go out, obey the traffic rules and be careful of traffic safety.

In case of a problem, you should make an emergency call immediately and report to the International Office. The teachers will try their best to help you.

Emergency call:

Police: 110 Fire Police: 119 Traffic Police: 122 Medical Emergency: 112 or 999 

You can dial the above phone numbers on IC card phones or payphones at any time for free. You can make emergency calls without inserting cards or coins.

BUPT Emergency Number: 62281100